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Customer Case Study - Delivery Auto wins with application modernisation

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

When we are talking about logistics industry we often imply carefully calibrated business model and smart approach to operations. This is all true about our customer Delivery Auto - national logistic operator continuously disrupting logistics industry with innovative business models which enables them to keep the market share for years. Starting as small regional business Delivery quickly became important national player operating thousand of parcels daily in all regions of Ukraine.

Mission critical priorities:

  • IAAS including support in cloud governance and cloud operations

  • Legacy application modernisation.

  • High resiliency

  • Cost efficiency as main decision making factors.

One of the main challenges was to make globally distributed web application, improve application performance and optimise costs at the same time. The end technical goal was to make process automated and scalable to address risks of peak loads during the 'hot' operational seasons. Client designed to adopt cloud native approach to solve the problem.

One of the most challenging parts was operations and maintaining of cloud resources as Delivery Auto IT team had a lot of business issues and tasks which are connected to their customers and satisfying their needs.

How Cloud Services helped to solve the problem

Cloud Services as experienced Azure Expert MSP Partner has been selected as a qualified partner for providing cloud operations in Azure, including incident management, resource provisioning, monitoring, cost management.

Continuous optimising cloud costs, monitoring of consistency of the resources and supplying appropriate security level are one of the main tasks for cloud operations. Within the CloudOps service Customer get continuous cost monitoring and optimisation, resources governance, incident management and many more. It gives significant economy of the resources and efficiency of cloud operations. Customer have access to various Power BI dashboards that allows him to track metrics up-to date and from any device.

Thus Customer gets Azure resources with real value of cloud ops made by Partner on top of cost of cloud.

To solve the problem on application modernisation Cloud Services team together with Customer team has built application as PAAS platform in Azure using Azure App Service, Azure Content Delivery Network. That solutions had few profound benefits:

o Autoscaling released with Azure App Service built-in tooling that allows to reduce time to market, speed up releases and scale according to business demand immediately

o Monitoring set up with App Insights, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics which enables to monitor and prevent fails, downtimes even before some events are occurred

o Secured by Azure Security Center, Azure Key Vault, App Gateway, SSL certificates – developed security framework allows to follow the highest standards of cybersecurity protection.

All those innovation together with efficient team work and reliable partnership provide long term market differentiation. The next step is to modernise company data through Azure Synapse.

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