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We are recognized as a Fabric Featured Partner as Microsoft Fabric becomes Generally Available

We are so delighted about latest news from Microsoft: long-awaited Microsoft Fabric is now in general availability.

This revolutionary AI-powered analytics platform designed to empower businesses in preparing their data for AI innovation is a real game changer on the market. Microsoft Fabric is a complete analytics solution that revolutionizes how organizations govern, protect, and connect their data.

AI relies on data, and the success of AI is directly linked to the excellence of the foundational data. This underscores the necessity for companies to possess a data estate that can drive AI innovation throughout their organizations, a task often challenging for companies with data environments that have evolved organically over time with specialized and fragmented solutions. To address this, Microsoft Fabric was introduced.

"The enthusiasm around Microsoft Fabric is totally justified, and it's exhilarating to be a part of the incredible transformations happening in the market with this revolutionary product." – says Andrew Dakhov, Cloud Services Managing Partner.

Microsoft Fabric is a complete analytics platform built for the era of AI:

  1. Complete Analytics Platform: Microsoft Fabric transforms the data landscape with its lake-centric and open architecture, providing a unified experience for all data professionals. Govern and protect your data effortlessly, reducing the cost and effort of integrating analytics services.

  2. Lake-centric and Open Connectivity: Seamlessly connect your data sources to Fabric through Shortcuts and Mirroring capabilities. Shortcuts virtualize data in OneLake without duplication, while Mirroring offers real-time synchronization for various cloud data warehouses and databases.

  3. Empower Every Business User: Foster a data-driven culture by combining Power BI and OneLake. New features like Direct Lake mode expansions, stored credentials, OneLake integration, Explore, and DAX Query View enhance the connection with OneLake, providing business users with powerful tools to access insights seamlessly.

  4. AI-powered Innovation: Enter the era of generative AI with the public preview of Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. Turn-key AI solutions enhance productivity across Power BI, Data Factory, Data Science, and Data Engineering, ensuring organizations can focus on high-value activities.

It is also essential that existing Azure Synapse Analytics customers continue to be fully supported. However, now is the proper time to start thinking about a Microsoft Fabric future for analytics solutions because it is the future of successful companies.

We are tremendously proud to have become a Fabric Featured Partner. We worked collaboratively with the Microsoft product team to enhance capacity and capabilities on Microsoft Fabric, ensuring the successful delivery of customer implementations.

Our customers are not alone on the trip to Microsoft Fabric because there is top expertise dedicated partners like us who have been with Fabric from the beginning. We have individual deep-dive practical training on Microsoft Fabric and are poised to help customers meet their analytics goals.

The AI era is now, and our clients need a strong data foundation to ensure they can successfully achieve their AI aspirations securely and responsibly. We are ready to securely unify data, analytics, and AI for our clients with Microsoft Fabric.

With significant demand for Microsoft Fabric, our company has already successfully completed the first wave of pilot projects during Fabric preview, helping customers to evaluate and unlock the potential of Fabric.

One of our projects within Microsoft Fabric was a fantastic experience with Infobip, a Croatian IT telecommunications company and a global leader in omnichannel communication, which reaches over seven billion mobile devices in more than 190 countries connected directly to over 700 telecom networks.

They were one of the first who started piloting Microsoft Fabric with our help, and according to the feedback, they are more than happy with the results.

“Infobip is always looking for ways to add innovative capabilities to our communications platform. We wanted to automate and augment decision intelligence through data as a product with a simple self-service implementation while keeping costs low. With Microsoft Fabric, we were able to do a POC and really saw how data architecture and improvements in structuring and organizing data could simplify data consumption from all our different users (BI tools, integrations, decision automatization)” says Alen Horvat, Director of Data and Analytics in Infobip.

With general availability, we look forward to the vast new page, which will change the market entirely, and companies using Fabric will undoubtedly be winners.

Contact us to learn more and pilot Microsoft fabric with professional partner!

About Cloud Services:

Cloud Services has been operating since 2009 and is a CSP 1-tier cloud-native provider of Azure cloud professional and managed services serving customers in Europe, the UK, and Central Asia. One of the main streamlines in the company is Analytics on Azure and Microsoft Fabric.

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