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5 Tips on organising cloud operations to get most of cloud value.

For companies who use or consider to start using cloud one of the most important issues is effectively maintain cloud resources, costs, utilise innovations in better and faster way.

Moving to cloud organisations need to plan, align and manage their cloud operations as a part of complex IT operations. It's the ongoing operation of the digital assets that delivers tangible business outcomes. Without a plan for reliable, well-managed operations of the cloud solutions, those efforts will yield little value.

We highly recommend Microsoft Azure as global leader in cloud services that help your organisation meet your business challenges.

How to gain benefits from using cloud technologies without losing focus on your real business?

Here are 5 tips on organising cloud operations.

Right set up – easy maintain.

Organising your cloud-based resources is critical to securing, managing, and tracking the costs related to your workloads. To organise your resources, define a management group hierarchy, follow a well-considered naming convention, and apply resource tagging.

You have to fairly understand what is managed and how well those assets are operated.

Automate resource provisioning.

Improving operational compliance reduces the likelihood of an outage related to configuration drift or vulnerabilities related to systems being improperly patched.

Consider in Azure Update Management, Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints for managing updates, setting policy enforcement and compliance for your cloud services. Those services will help to avoid in-compliant actions and over the budget spending.

Control your spending carefully.

Professional budgeting of your spending in cloud on pre-migration stage and setting up the monitoring tools to track your cost in cloud continuously is a key to long-term successful cloud journey. Professional budgeting means planning your cloud resources based on profound assessment and right sizing of the virtual machines. Learn more about the right assessment before migration. Azure offers various tools for budgeting and cost management. Exploring cloud you can optimise your costs continuously through reservations of those resources you plan to explore in one year perspective, rightsizing of the machines as it should be done not only before migrations but from time to time check performance of the machines and adapt types due to business needs. Those actions but not only above-mentioned will give you significant economy, up to 30% annually.

Protect from disruptions, be ready for recovery.

Implement solutions to minimise performance interruptions and ensure rapid recovery when needed. Here consider data and environment protection. You can explore Azure backup to reserve your virtual machines and data in appropriate way, and Azure Security Center strengthen security and provide advanced threat protection across your hybrid workloads.

Align security standard.

Organise security is complex topic and needs at least separate article. What is necessary to underline is some basics such as data security, identity and access rules, monitoring and networking issues should be well-organised. Azure offers many tools and services to make security standards as high as required up to step-by-step manuals and fair checklists on how to achieve ISO compliance. Start exploring security services from Azure Active Directory (universal platform to manage and secure identities) and Azure Monitor (service allows you fully observe your applications, infrastructure and network).

And…one more

Consider selection of professional partner with deep expertise who can help you establish right policies, choose relevant tools and professionally deploy them to support, control and perform cloud resources with high performance and minimum risks.

If you select Microsoft Azure as corporate standard in cloud technologies consider working with Expert MSP for Microsoft Azure partner.

What Azure Expert MSP Partner mean for you?

It assures you that such partner has a huge knowledge and deep expertise of Microsoft Azure, keep step with the most recent updates, meet a strict set of requirements set forth by Microsoft. Expert MSPs must also complete a progress audit every year, you can trust that such partner is trusted partner for Azure.

Our company renewed Azure Expert MSP status for the second year already, learn more about our Cloud Ops Managed Service for organisations willing to professionally operate cloud resources.

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