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Personal workshop for your company "Microsoft Fabric"

Newly launched foundational education on the architecture and capabilities of Microsoft Fabric is now available for you

Personal workshop for your company "Microsoft Fabric"
Personal workshop for your company "Microsoft Fabric"

Time & Location

Convenient time for you

Microsoft Teams

About the Event

We offer to accelerate your data potential with Microsoft Fabric

We are tremendously proud to have become a Fabric Featured Partner. We worked collaboratively with the Microsoft product team to enhance capacity and capabilities on Microsoft Fabric, ensuring the successful delivery of customer implementations.

Power your business decisions with cloud-scale analytics, unlock the business value and achieve more by unifying your hybrid and multi-cloud data estates for faster, connected intelligence. Microsoft Fabric enables you to host all your analytics workloads in a SaaS-based, lake-first solution–eliminating organizational siloes.

  1. Unify your enterprise data estate for analytics. Establish a regulated hub to centralize and organize all your business data, creating a foundation for innovative analytics. Streamline your workloads and enable your data engineers to spin up analytics solutions faster than ever before.
  2. Build fit-for-purpose analytics models. Leverage the full potential of your data by constructing ML and AI models on a connected foundation with no data movement. Enable data scientists to perform analysis on large volumes of data in real time leveraging the tools and languages they already know
  3. Responsiblydemocratize analytics with data governance. Connect the services you need to enable an open, scalable analytics platform with built-in security and governance. Equip your data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to access the right data, at the right time, for ease of democratization.
  4. Scale transformative analytics applications. Equip data analysts and data citizens with robust self-service analytics tools to expedite innovation with real time insights. Create connected intelligence for all applications to enable better decision-making and transformative impact


Theoretical part:

  • Components and architecture overview
  • Pricing model and licensing

Demo part:

  • Getting Started with a Fabric
  • Data Integration: Data Factory/DataflowGen2 /Eventstream processing
  • Data Warehousing: Warehouse vs Lakehouse experience
  • Data Engineering: Delta basics / Batch vs Stream processing
  • Power BI: Import & Direct Query vs Direct Lake
  • OneLake: “The OneDrive for Data”

Target Audience:

CIO/CTO, Head of Analytics, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Chief Digital Officer, etc.

Сloud Services has been operating since 2009 and is a CSP 1-tier cloud-native provider of Azure cloud professional and managed services serving customers in Europe, the UK, and Central Asia. One of the main streamlines in the company is Analytics on Azure. Frequently used Azure services in customer architectures are Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, Azure Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Azure Key Vault, Azure DevOps, Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Azure Arc, and Microsoft Purview.

Speaker: Andrew Dakhov is a Managing Partner in Cloud Services, a technical enthusiast, and a data architect focused on analytics. With 15+ years in technology, his strengths are at Microsoft Azure Cloud, building modern data warehouses and analytics solutions for customers using Azure data and analytics products. Several years ago, he put most of his efforts into adopting Azure Synapse Analytics for corporate enterprises and seamlessly transitioned to the remarkable world of Microsoft Fabric.

The upcoming event is tailored for business accounts and is not intended for individual clients.

We will confirm registrations associated only with business email addresses

Invitations will also be dispatched exclusively to business email accounts.

Don't hesitate to register, and let's approve a convenient time to deep dive into the Microsoft Fabric workshop!

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