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Customer Case Study - PROTORIA roll out new business models through application modernisation

PROTORIA - is one of the largest distributors of IT equipment and electronics in Ukraine. Customer operates more than 40 stores all over Ukraine and actively develops omni-channel retail customer experience. Protoria is official distributor of one of the leading electronics brands SAMSUNG to Ukraine. 

To face multi-channel retail challenges management of Protoria decided to review all digital assets and update its long-term strategy with cloud adoption plans. ​One of the priorities defined during digital assets rationalisation step was modernisation of web application ( main retail website) to face all business needs and adopting new digital customer experience fast and easy.

Cloud Services was selected as a trusted advisor and migration partner to deploy and support a successful journey to cloud. 

Mission critical priorities:

  • IAAS including support in cloud governance and cloud operations

  • Legacy web application modernisation

  • High resiliency for web application

  • Cost efficiency as main decision making factor.

How Cloud Services helped

Cloud Services as experienced Azure Expert MSP Partner has been selected as a qualified partner for providing modernisation of website, supplying maintenance and support of all cloud operations in Azure, including incident management, resource provisioning, monitoring, cost management.

Our team of professional experts developed detailed migration plan using refactor scenario to migrate client web application into Azure App Service. Before migration assessment with using Azure Application Migration Assistant tool has been done.

To solve the problem on application modernisation Cloud Services team together with Customer team has built application as PAAS platform in Azure using Azure App Service, Azure Content Delivery Network. That solutions had few profound benefits:

o Autoscaling released with Azure App Service built-in tooling that allows to reduce time to market, speed up releases and scale according to business demand immediately

o Monitoring set up with App Insights, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics which enables to monitor and prevent fails, downtimes even before some events are occurred

o Secured by Azure Security Center, Azure Key Vault, App Gateway, SSL certificates – developed security framework allows to follow the highest standards of cybersecurity protection.

Technologies used:

  • Azure App Service

  • Azure Application Migration Assistant

  • Azure DevOps

  • Azure Pipelines

  • Azure App Insights

As a result customer has much more ( 40%+) productive website, which is scaling on demand without any extra cost. Cost management is controlled with many features, tagging, budgets and alerting are used to keep spendings under strict control.

All those innovation together with efficient team work and reliable partnership provide long term market differentiation.

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