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Cloud Services has earned the highly coveted specialization in Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure

Why this matters for our customers?

Achieving this specialization sets us apart, showcasing our expertise to customers seeking to harness massive data volumes for predictive analytics, machine learning models, and game-changing business insights. This specialization requires our team to hold certifications like Azure Data Engineer Associate and Azure Solutions Architect Expert, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

In Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, Cloud Services stands out as one of the few partners with this advanced specialization.

How We Achieved This Specialization?

To earn this specialization, we had to:

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge and extensive experience

  • Show proven success in analyzing existing workloads, generating schema models, and performing ETL operations for cloud-based data migrations and analytics

  • Meet the highest standards for service delivery and support, as verified by Microsoft


Andrew Dakhov, Managing Partner at Cloud Services, emphasized, "This specialization is a testament to our team's dedication and additional proof of deep expertise. It allows us to provide unparalleled service to our clients, helping them unlock the full potential of their data on the Microsoft Azure platform."


We are immensely proud of our team and specialists, whose dedication and expertise made this achievement possible and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.

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