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Individual workshop for your company "Azure Synapse Analytics"

Technical workshop for companies, where you will learn how to improve the speed and quality of your decision-making by turning data into insights. Find out how to build end-to-end analytics solutions with a unified experience using Azure Synapse and Power BI.

Individual workshop for your company "Azure Synapse Analytics"
Individual workshop for your company "Azure Synapse Analytics"

Time & Location

Convenient time for you

Microsoft Teams

About the Event

Individual technical Azure Synapse Analytics workshop for your company. 


The workshop is recommended for CTOs, CDOs, cloud architects, solutions architects, data engineers, BI and data developers , data Professionals, and DevOps teams. 


  • To get complete information on technical architecture details of ASA  
  • To gain practical experience with ASA and understand costs 
  • To ask expert applied questions about the technology and form complex knowledge of technology 


During a three-hour workshop speaker will: 

  • dispel the myth that building a data warehouse on Azure Synapse is very expensive 
  • break down costs to explain price forming approaches on real costs and total costs of ownership 
  • deep dive into architecture subtleties of the platform 
  • explain when it’s suitable to use Data Lake, Azure Synapse SQL On-demand, Azure Synapse Spark, and Data Science 
  • demonstrate the most effective use cases of working with data 

The agenda will be designed individually due to your business needs, but in general, it consists of 2 parts:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics architecture overview
  • Practical demo Azure Synapse Analytics Lab:

- Explore the data lake with Azure Synapse SQL On-demand and Azure Synapse Spark

- Build a Modern Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Pipelines

- Power BI integration

- High-Performance Analysis with Azure Synapse SQL Pools

- Data Science with Azure Synapse Spark

Location: online

Format: it is an individual workshop only for your company and your colleagues. It means that after registration we will contact you via email/phone number from the form and agree on a final number of participants from your company and a convenient time

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