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  • Andrew Dakhov

How we implemented Azure Synapse Analytics for software company Revenue Grid

When we got a request from a US software company Revenue Grid, they were looking for a reliable partner to help show clients real-time analytics in their profiles. Since the company is actively developing, it was necessary to adapt to the growth of data volume and scaling quickly.

Revenue Grid is a top revenue operation and intelligence (RO&I) market player. Gartner named Revenue Grid a leading vendor in Guided Selling, which has increased revenue generation by more than 35% for sales organizations worldwide.

What did they want to achieve?

  • Improve the efficiency of the current analytics platform and the possibility of seamless scaling due to the large influx of new customers.

  • Real-time analytics for their clients (app users can see analytics in their profiles)

  • Cost optimization

  • Improve the performance of large amounts of data and fast processing.

There were 3 challenges that our client faced:

  • The task had to be completed in the shortest possible time, while there needed to be more internal resources and the required staff training in working with data warehousing on Azure.

  • Need help to find a tech team who already knows the business domain.

  • Other vendors were unable to provide an entire software development cycle.

What technologies did we use to help the client?

Azure Synapse Analytics brought together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. Also, we used the Azure Streaming platform ahead with Azure Event Hub & Azure Stream Analytics.

As a results we have:

  • Implemented Azure Synapse Analytics (storage for processing large amounts of data in real-time)

  • The efficiency of the current analytical platform has been increased by 3 times

  • Optimised costs and increased productivity

  • High Availability Solution (SLA 99.9%).

We are delighted to help our customers reach their results, so don't hesitate to register for an Individual workshop to discover how Cloud Services can help your business!

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