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Customer success story - modernization of remote work solution

Read our customer success story on deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop to help employees arrange their remote work.


Our customer is fast growing agricultural company who are passionate about creating new ways to produce excellent quality food while having the utmost respect for nature. Company operates in 6 countries in Europe and wanted to secure employees remote desktops and align workplaces with challenges appeared in covid times. Company already uses the experience with 2 clouds of Microsoft – Azure and Microsoft 365, so Windows Virtual Desktop as an option to modernize remote desktop solution for the logical step ahead.


  • Modernize and secure existing remote desktop solution in which Customer will be able to manage costs, performance and control high level of security

  • Speed up digital transformation to face new appeared challenged related to covid

  • Get tool easy to adopt by numerous employees both head office workers and field staff


Before the migration from existing remote desktop solution to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Cloud Services team provided an environment assessment including assessment of applications, user requirements, existing infrastructure. Assessment enables better cost estimate and help to build architecture based on the customer need. All the employees of the Customer had already familiar with Microsoft 365 solution and had a great experience working with Microsoft Teams, so the transition to WVD was seamless. Also Cloud Services helped to set up all necessary services for monitoring and maintaining the solution in production. Continuous support has been provided by Cloud Services to Customer through consultancy, practical technical workshops, pilot deployment.


All employees of the Customer sign in to the corporate applications through Azure Active Directory, which enforces multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access policies.

Windows Virtual Desktop together with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams gives unprecedented level of agility and flexibility to work the employees anywhere anytime in highly secured environment. All backend issues are managed by the IT team while users can focus on their real job and waste much less time on technical issues.


Do you have same challenges? Learn more on Windows Virtual Desktop 2-weeks implementation service or contact our team:

+38 044 364 77 79

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