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Migration Services: Services


  • Gain a detailed, accurate picture of predicted costs and performance in Azure to drive full confidence in the decision to migrate and accelerate Azure adoption.

  • Efficiently design a successful roadmap to Azure based on application dependencies, suitability, and readiness.

  • Helps move workloads to Azure with speed and accuracy and ensure cost-performance optimisation at the moment applications migrate.


- Improve your security based on facts

Automated scans

  • Fast and accurate scans of all your endpoints, network, AD and Azure AD. In addition to this, all content in Office 365, SharePoint and the fileshares are scanned. 

Minimal intrusion

  • Automated scan software uses agents which delete themselves automatically following the scan. No installation is required on the endpoints. 

Action plan

  • Cloud Services provides an action plan to improve your cybersecurity and allows you to invest in security, only in the areas where it is required. Enable you to proactively address structural vulnerabilities.


​Rapid changes of environment today demand companies to be highly agile, scalable and flexible. Enterprise’s IT to face those challenges must be adaptive, fast, modern and continuously deployed with minimal downtime. But legacy application portfolio frequently may be complicated, with lack of documentation. That legacy might not be matched with the expectations on business agility. 


This offer is best suited for CTOs, CIOs, who willing to increase profit, market share by modernising their key applications, making them cloud-native, adaptive and whole IT infrastructure agile and continuously deployed.

Designing on a Tablet


One of the key challenges of the business today is the volume of accumulated data, weak speed of data analysis and the constant overload of the database. 

To speed up data analysis companies actively implement a state-of-the-art Azure Synapse Analytics data storage which his natively integrated with Power BI (a data analysis and visualisation tool).  

This solution enables upgrade of key business tool - analytics - to a new technological and qualitative level: analyse large amounts of data faster, more accurately, more conveniently, and will significantly save when analysing large data volumes.​ 

Cloud Services provides database and data warehouse modernisation through migration to Azure Synapse Analytics. 

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