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Build a data-driven cloud migration strategy that enables our customers to move to a cost-optimised cloud environment while ensuring performance requirements are met at a fraction of the cost.
Service helps our customers adopt cloud faster, with fewer mistakes; overcome skills gaps and common barriers to adopting cloud; as well as simplifies managing cloud-based environments and applications.



Automated Assessment with data-driven approach help you optimise your cloud performance and avoid wasted resources by right-sizing your workloads based on their actual usage. Receive your best-fit cloud configuration, including your optimal compute instances, storage options, network settings, and pricing plan. Builds tailored designs to ensure that all possibilities are covered after migration. Additionally we provide insight into available options for moving existing SQL Server and Microsoft software licenses to the cloud provider of your choice and avoid the cost associated with purchasing new licenses.

We will automatically identify all applications and machines within a client’s environment, including all compute, storage, and network metrics. This allows you to gain a clear picture of application interconnectivity and performance in the client’s environment to efficiently plan and prioritize a migration. With the accuracy and precision of Data Driven approach, we ensure our customers get to their optimal cloud environment without spending additional time on costly trial-and-error attempts at migration.

Data Collection Methods:

  • VMWare - Agent and Agentless, Hypervisor via Cloudamize Proxy

  • Hyper-V - Agent and Agentless, Agent on Hyper-V host

  • Windows Physical Machine - Agent and Agentless 

  • Linux Physical Machine - Agent and Agentless

  • Cloud Instances - Agent and Agentless

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Gain a detailed, accurate picture of predicted costs and performance in Azure to drive full confidence in the decision to migrate and accelerate Azure adoption.

  • In-depth performance analysis of on-premises or cloud environment

  • Receive recommended right-sized compute and storage options for each machine using benchmarks

  • Calculate TCO based on right-sized settings in the Azure cloud

  • Drill down into compute, storage, and network usage for each machine to understand recommended cloud settings and calculated costs

  • See predicted cloud performance of compute and storage for each machine



Efficiently design a successful roadmap to Azure based on application dependencies, suitability, and readiness.

  • Automatically identify all applications and machines within the environment

  • Automatically discover application inter-dependencies, installed applications, firewall rules, application CPU usage, and more

  • Shadow IT Discovery

  • Cloud Complexity Analysis

  • Cloud Suitability Analysis

  • Design a phased migration plan



Move workloads to Azure with speed and accuracy and ensure cost-performance optimisation at the moment applications migrate

  • Integrates with migration tools

  • Import the migration plan built in Cloudamize into existing migration tools and for each move group view its host name and its right-sized compute, network, and storage settings for the cloud

  • View the migration status of each machine moving to Azure*

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